Site Migration: Moving My Blog to a New Domain, Hosting and CMS

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I just recently lunched my new SEO blog, using Go Daddy for hosting and WordPress as my CMS. Though I’m quite familiar with WP, and used it for many years, I run into this AMAZING Tweet by Suganthan Mohanadasan, who rebuilt his own SEO blog with the help of the talented Shane.

It inspired me, and I decided to follow their path and move my own blog from Go Daddy (Paid) hosting & WordPress CMS – to Netify (free) hosting & Contentful CMS + Gatsby as my static front end generator – exactly as Suganthan did.

If you ask yourself why Suganthan decided to move to a new CMS provider and a front-end service, here’s what he said in his Tweet, that caught my attention:

Basically, I got tired of WordPress. I know a lot of smart folks here use WP and know how to optimize it. But I’ve attempted several re-designs and worked with a few people, and it just didn’t hit the mark for me. Also, I used WP for too long and wanted something new.

Out of all the suggestions I found Contentful to be the most robust and powerful headless CMS. Fantastic customization options and it’s incredibly agile. Gatsbyjs is the front end and its blazing fast. Homepage loads under 5s.”

Well, I felt exactly the same, and decided to build my SEO blog from scratch, by following those great guys’ experience, and once ready – migrate the current blog to the new blog.

My biggest motivation to start this migration project is to learn. I love learning new technical concepts, and never worked before with those services or fully coded my website to that extent.

Additionally, I want to share my learnings from this process with anyone who want to follow the same path and build something cool from scratch.

These are the steps I’m currently taking to reach this goal:

New Domain for Re-branding

I just purchased a new domain to move from to (not live yet, currently switching DNS). I chose this domain because I love both SEO and gardening (I have a 50 meters square organic vegetable garden), so that’s a perfect match!

Dev Research

I’m now digging into Netify, Contentful, and Gatsby documentation, and start with creating accounts and understand how I set this all up.

I assume I’ll get into some technical challenges during this process, as this is the first time I do that, and there is a need for some React and Gatsby skills. But worth a try, and worst case, even if it doesn’t work for me – I picked up some new skills.

Next Step

I will keep updating this post as I go along with my experiment. LMK if any question or suggestion in mind.

Stay tuned…

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